Update - ISSUE Resolved - Webflow -  March 19th 2019

This one is a killer if you are trying to do a migration to Webflow and you have any images in your post body or some other field.

Webflow's Rich Text field in a collection supports importing HTML into rich text fields and that includes <img src="//www.mycoolothersite.io/please-no-manual-images.jpg">, except when it doesn't!  Since back in August 2018 this documented feature has been broken.


What happens? The code for your image is replaced with a placeholder. That's it. So what can you do? Well, there is the manual method of copy and paste into a collection RTF via the designer or editor.  That is so promising when you are doing an import right? I mean the reason to import via the CSV is not to have to do it manually.

A workaround exists. It basically is this -> Use the API to add items to a collection.  What? Yea that's right, just use the API. I tested it, and it works fine. It was no big deal for me because I love the command line and scripts and writing code. You? I don't know if that is viable.

t is being called a bug, but I have my suspicions.  I do have an official bug report (that I can't check on because there is no trouble ticket system status checking) filed.  Why the suspicion? The only way the placeholder could be there is if they wrote the code to replace your image(s).  Now the documentation makes multiple references to your ability to actually be able to do this. It's a feature. Except when it is a bug.  So there is a severe disconnect here.

Blog post on webflow.com


Then there is this page in the university.


Which says this ->


So you can check the status of this bug at webflow.com to see if this won't kill your next project, except you can't.

https://webflow.com/updates - "See the latest feature releases, product improvements and bug fixes." Except bug fixes are never posted here.

It is a riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma.

Just check back here. I will keep this updated, hopefully!

##Update - Resolved March 19th 2019

The webflow team resolved this issue and I confirmed it as well.