So in case you missed it, Adobe announced the following change to their font licensing.

The Terms of Use currently permits agency reselling, until December 31, 2019. After that time, your client would need their own Creative Cloud subscription to use for the web font hosting."

Ouch. Ok client, so that $15 a month website you complain about because it cost too much. You know, the one with the same fonts as you business card you demanded when I built it.  Well no more free beer for you! Go sign up for a  Creative Cloud subscription!

I would probably be sending out letters to clients now, if I got a kickback on subscriptions.  Instead I am pointing them to Google fonts (the ones where they track you all over the web with).  Pick your new fonts! Wait, you want them to match what you have and you want me to find them, integrate them, and stuff. Ok, but you know that I have to bill you for the time to do that. What? Thanks Adobe. I guess holding us over the coals was always you plan.

Good news for Webflow users.  There is now a new feature.

Today’s update makes things simpler: now your clients can set up their own free Adobe Font accounts, then send you their API key for placement in the project settings of their own site. That way, they get to keep control of their fonts, without you needing to manage those fonts within your own account.

Free? I don't see that. You wont either. Looks like it costs to get in the font game.

The Complete Library of fonts for web and desktop use is included with:
  • A paid monthly or annual Creative Cloud All Apps subscription
  • Any single-application Creative Cloud subscription
  • Each full seat of a Creative Cloud team subscription
  • The Creative Cloud Photography Plan

More work for us.